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Isolate states, select a radius point and obtain non-compliant cost lanes by volume and savings opportunity.


Set costing unit of measure, short haul/long haul mileage, default metrics and control routing guide options.


Track and display many different metric items and historical information including XmR charts for every lane.


Collect route information using Google, Bing or ALK maps and drill down to lane detail including loads by day and metric trends.


See Trends by Origin, Destinations, Customers, Carriers Costing by State, and additional drill-downs.


Print Business Unit performance comparisons and Plant/Location analysis reports, or save to PDF.

Make Sense of Cents

Metrics are the backbone of logistics. We give you the ability to take those numbers and use them to control costs down to the Load Planner.

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Track, Monitor, Respond

One problem with data evaluation is recognizing that a fundamental shift is coming. We provide the ability to map these changes and see if it is real or just due to chance. The charts will show you data that is out of bounds based upon historical price fluctuations and allow you to make quick corrective action.

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Digital Rate Repository and Rate Negotiation

Your electronic file cabinet of all your carrier’s rates, electronically signed with current and past rate schedule information instantly available.  Linked with Metrics the rate repository allows you to index the rates by lane and clearly highlights “paper” rates providing a clear picture of lane costs.

The rate negotiation tool engages your carriers and allows for rapid negotiations, allowing rates to be published in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks for a normal negotiation. Metrics analysis allows shippers to view the impact of rate changes and spot “paper” rates, and allows carriers to understand the relative importance of a lane.

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ROI From Day One

We offer on-demand applications as a service avoiding the costs of traditional software, with rapid deployment and a fast ROI. However, we also understand that technology is only a tool to be used and assisted by experts on the other end. We are here to support your business.

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Typical Carrier DeadHead


Empty miles increase costs

Fuel Wasted

$ 8000

per year in fuel costs

Needless CO2 Emissions



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